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Some older sketches from my end-of-october visit to London. Trains, robots, swords and furries, the usual public transport fare :) Half asleep on the train, was quite a fancy train… Adventurous! (also longest torso ever) Do robots count as naked? Ninjas and nudity, see what I did there?

House of cards


The card project is complete, 54 playing card / ccg card inspired designs. They really pushed my imagination at one point especially when running out of ideas in the middle section, enjoy them all in order here :) — — Egg of Progress Desert Traveller The Tower Data Weaver Waves of Thought Starstruck Analysis Bot […]

More work, more sketches. So legit. First up, the pretentious religious guy from the conference with such great lines as “some people should just give up and die”. How very thoughtful. And one of my managers, Other speakers The bossman himself, Mike Allen Enjoy and have a nice holiday season :)

Sketches done for a work event (End of life Care Conference in Stafford) Simon Weston! Some more speakers More to come soon :)