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My favourite sketch from my recently-completed sketchbook. I really like how this came out so i’ll post this inverted and partly recoloured sketch. Bon apetit. I hope my next sketchbook has many more uncreated creations to discover :)

Somewhat of a continuation of the previous “spellcasters” post, with the more physical warriors and demons, There is some miscellaneous stuff here too. Inspired by a certain schizophrenic dancing assassin :) And some related quick poses Demons tend to turn up a lot as antagonists, and they usually have extreme proportions, here’s a page of […]

Sounds rather scientific,  and while it is, it is generally implied to mean, “part human”. This page was draw at a relatively recent meet, someone there wanted another take on his character. Also me struggling with imagining the skeletal structure of canines without reference. Oops. East meets West, nekomimi style. Fitting as many different anthros […]



Hey folks, a non art-related post! Weird I know, though still a subject close to me – Good music. Sonisphere are gearing up their publicity, including a promo code. I can’t use it since I can’t do Sonisphere, but i’m sure someone will be able to. Input this: SF77L while ordering tickets at: And […]