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Magical Girls


It’s about that time eh? Drawn from life actually, though she was wearing less at the time, <3 Birmingham. Drawing on giant post-it notes does not bode well for scanning quality… Some of the supporting material for a large commision I’m working on at the moment :)

Uploading these files here, backing things up is a virtue. The spring brochure, 2nd brochure I created at SDVS. spring-brochure-11-02-11 The OrgDev brochure, 3rd Brochure I created at SDVS. new-organisational-brochure-revised-ed A cover concept Why train? That’s why :) I really like how this poster turned out, lots of good space for words with a solid […]

A single picture post this time, enjoy some shapes :) Click for full size!



A few smaller images for various uses: Storeroom storyboard style images Possible business card ideas (that I ignored when I made my card!) Two manequins