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Watching Evangelion 1.11 (again!) recently, so inpirational, enjoy some wannabe angels :) (Also lol Rapture, enjoy being wrong again fundies :P) Parasites, Skulls and beams, veins and arteries, Grotesque. Work in progress, a homage to my favourite angel, the shapeshifting crystal of mass destruction. This’ll be much more spectacular in time ;) The scanner cut […]

…When everyone gets so drunk I get to draw :3 Some pics I made as gifts for my friends at my honourary sister’s 21st birthday party :) Vixen (glad you had a good time!) with a pet racoon and a funky stylised sun / moon icon. Twin, in worgen form, ready for battle, naruto style :) Reaper […]

Some little sketchies for you all, Enjoy :) Robot Manequins Soul Calibur style character based on my Soul Calibur 4 character. Zasalamel is a fun style :) Spirit summoner combat character, I like this one. Random feminine catman Very feminine catgirl :P

London Fantasy


Pictures from the (relatively) recent London party (thanks for a great time folks!) First up Shad’s request of a fire character. Second, Martin wishing he was a furry :p Third, Dan and Suze being very gracious and posing for me to draw them ^^ Foreshortening is still a nightmare, I hope you two like the […]