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Another random sketch inspired by Korou, though the conversation we were having at the time is more thought provoking. It was about the differences in plagiarism between the art world and the music world, why is sampling so prevalent in music but not in art? (or is it?) Is it just because we artists are […]

  *cough* I became a brony, this is probably not a good thing, but it’s a pretty cool thing too. Here’s a page I drew with lots of close friends  before my birthday, ponies and fancy lettering, good times, thanks Korou :)

  Here’s a pic involving lots of things I like, centred with my good friend Vega, Thanks for the inspiration!   For reference this image contains roleplaying, drawing, goggles, furries and friends <3 Yes I have no idea where my other two piercings went either.  

Considering it was just father’s day these aren’t hugely relevant, thankfully I make my own holidays, so it’s all good. This is a concept for a futuristic young mother, someone on a train really liked them anyway :) And further evolution, one on the left is the final version (probably will change while I’m drawing her properly […]