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      Posting this here as well as there… Updating picture from a while ago! (Go check on my older posts!) Love the mother nature subject, supernatural mythology is nothing if not somewhat artistically inspiring :)  

o/ The CQ screen was pretty perfect for this screen shot :) My baby ishkur on show, exploration active. Welcome to my world. If you want to add me ingame I’m Emiko Luan, I spend a lot of time in Help channel, and some in EVE Radio channel. Newbies welcome, I live to helps.   […]



A time travelling samurai, breaking into the kings chamber. (at least I think I haven’t posted this yet) I think I’ll start to  posting some screenshots from EVE mixed in. I don’t really have enough scanner access to post as much here as I’d like -_-  

  Please don’t make the game i’ve been looking forward to for 12 years into a shitty call of duty clone, this makes retro gamers sad pandas. That said, I had to make this gift for  my friend Behemotho (NSFW link). Enjoy… Drawing characters without reference is bad, and it should make you feel bad. […]