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Aurum Jokes


  Quick sketchy painting of my eve character opening the NeX store for the first time. Good times :) Advertisements



Little sketch for two of my close frends, even though I don’t see you as much as I’d like, here’s to having another beautiful baby you two ^_^ Cybergoth for life *fires up Cruxshadows*    

    Random sketches today, sorry for lack of theme, but to be honest, isn’t random a theme? Right? I’ll get my coat…   Slightly anthro housecat with goggles being ridden around by a tiny wolf. All in a day’s work. (tags are going to be hell today…) “come at me bro” Said by a […]

Little artist’s impression of what I want my Gallente captains quarters to look like, highlights include the plants, my floating Vexor (soon to be Ishtar!) and my giant traditional oils Nyx painting. Checkered carpet is something I have to have in all my virtual homes :) If anyone cares about my opinion on the “gold ammo” debacle; […]