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Last week’s entries (yes posting them today because everything was broken, deal with it :D) “A heavy armoured mech armed with heavy artillery,  and the ability to emit a radiation aura.” By my friend from deviantart! By me! And from my skype friend!   Join in the fun, every week, so I can link to […]

Saturday game nights are very fun, though i’m terrible at board games they are very inspirational :) I was on the winning team with this alien civilisation, the changeling – stealer of powers :)

Emikochan Karma


not looking forward to my birthday tommorow, but meh, going to make the best of it. Here’s another Karma skin idea, though it’s basically just me, in my work clothes, with fans :P

Yeah more league of legends stuff, I mostly enjoy this game for the art :P altered hextech janna (done on the train so no reference :p) and a badly proportioned goth annie :P Rawr!