A Saturday that rocked!


A week ago I went to an amazing gig at the o2, inspired me to draw this pic – going with two close friends, Rusketh and the Rock Queen :3

I maybe be a metal newbie but I love it as much as any veteran :D


The first band was Black Tongue Messiah, a replacement for an unfortunately missing Zombie Extras, but so great that I wonder if the other would have even come close (note to self : need to listen to them also :D), occupying the middle ground between death metal and more mainstream stuff, with some very meaningful lyrics for me.

Also up were Bullitstorm, a band from near where I grew up stunning with their quick and varied guitars and drums, great singing (that I could understand, yay!) and some unique crowd interaction, was a lot of fun :D Very glad I was at the front for them :)

Fortress : not heard them before but gosh I was blown away, such a relentless style that kept me rocking out on the dancefloor even though I really should have sat down and had a rest :p The power of metal compels…

The band I came for, Fury, I think they performed better than I’d ever seen before, having seen them a few times before they get better every time. <3 for sure :D Burn the earth still sets the crowd on fiiiire XD Just love their confidence, well earned either way.

Last up were Salvation, surprisingly great, I’d never heard a mixture of acoustic and electronic guitars in a metal gig but it worked so well, very skillfully done and friendly interaction, let us wind down the night in style. Felt like the kind of music you’d get in the credits to a satisfying movie ^_^

Thanks again to Hils for setting up this awesome gig, every band was top notch in a different area, came for Fury but was not disappointed. One of the best nights out I’ve had all year, if not the best :D Clicky the band names for links to their stuff, first ever gig review over, I’d appreciate any comments.


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  1. Thanks!

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