Was a conversation about making new overwatch heroes :p



2 Responses to “Overwatch”

  1. I recently stumbled over your blog on WordPress and wondered how you’d feel about writing about gaming on NowLoading.co? I saw in your ABout that you were into gaming. We mostly like written things on gaming but we’d also be interested in blogs where you write about your art if it were gaming related as well! We’re an open platform publisher like WordPress. However, Community Managers like me can help you get more views that WordPress ever has. Would love to see you post on our site, you can even cross post your WordPress posts and tag back to your WordPress if you feel like it.

    Let me know what you think! Would love to get you started.



    • Ah hi, thanks for the message but sadly I’m not any kind of writer, even if i had free time I don’t have anything to add or even much in the way of fanart of games (i’m not a big fan of drawing other people’s characters). Thanks for the interest though! Good luck finding peeps!

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