Zen Juddhism 2 – Zen Juddhism


Seems like my kinda album, will have a listen :)

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Introducing the second offering from Zen Juddhism, an eclectic band, combining various influences and styles, resulting in a sound comprising multiple rock sub genres and crossover rock genres.

Better Not Wait – Lively drum and upbeat riff intro, quickly followed by some very striking Chrissy Hynes sound alike female vocals.  In fact, it’s got a clear Pretender’s type sound and feel to it and is in its own way, a welcome deviation from standard rock fayre.  More like pop rock, in essence, but very high quality, with a classy edge.

Stage Fright – Off on another tangent, there’s a Jamaican sense to this, with much more of a reggae rock slant.  I keep expecting the man from Del Monte to make an appearance.  A real rhythmic focus here.

A Murder Of Crows – Back to a typical rocky intro, but there’s a slight darkness to it, which is very visually…

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