Toxic Waltz – ‘Declassified’


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Abduction – WTF? An obscure film script dialogue intro’s this, but luckily, it’s soon followed by some pleasantly heavy, thrudding riffs, drum hits and angry vocals, verging on growly, in places, but staying just the right side of thrashy.  Oh, that was an abrupt end, just as I was getting into it.  Never mind, the whole thing has a jungle sound to it, that makes me curious about the next track.  And are there bongos in there, somewhere?  I’ll let you work it out.

Thrash Metal Dictatorship – Clear heavy ethos immediate here and an obvious thrash direction.  Some anthemic stuff, pace variations and a very competent fluidity to the movement between them.  Liking that riff wizardry midway through and the quickening pace towards the close.  Something about it makes me yearn for Metallica.

Beyond The Wall Of Sleep – Nice opening cymbal hit, followed by a very agreeable roar. …

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