About Me

Hello World, my first foray into blogging begins now.
I was born in ’85 in England and have been drawing and gaming for over 3 decades and counting. I like anime, gaming, sugar, dancing, music appreciation, critical thinking, science,  shopping for gothic lolita outfits and dolls!

Don’t forget the ball jointed dolls and big hair,they’re quite fun…

I’m an artist inspired by the likes of HR Giger, Andy Hepworth, Andy Goldsworthy and many modern digital artists. You may expect some interesting works in progress / streams / tutorials here, outside of my galleries (that I try to keep for finished work)

That said you’ll find the majority of my work on my DeviantArt gallery; please feel free to look around.

pm me for other galleries

I now have a tumblr at Citadel of Reason if you’re more into that, pretty much same stuff there as here + my random likes.


Until we meet again – welcome to my world_

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