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In Guild Wars! After watching the incredible “Guild Wars: the movie” I had to draw 2 of the epic Necromancers from the storyline. &#8211; Eye of the North &#8211; Prophecies Even though I don’t think I’ll ever be able to get Eye of the North, I feel I’m much better prepared for Guild Wars 2 […]



Amazing metal was had by all in Stafford this Saturday, Midlands Metalheads bringing the noise to a packed Pie and Ale house. (previously known as the Surgery \m/ ) I was expecting an epic night of metal but it really blew me away. Being the wild beast it was there were a few hiccups, especially […]

o/ The CQ screen was pretty perfect for this screen shot :) My baby ishkur on show, exploration active. Welcome to my world. If you want to add me ingame I’m Emiko Luan, I spend a lot of time in Help channel, and some in EVE Radio channel. Newbies welcome, I live to helps.   […]