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A remake of the main character from my ancient and never-done webcomic I really want to have this be a think someday, but my writing is so bad T_T Bonus, the antagonist/love interest, meow. she probably has a more structurally complete skirt in the final version :P

Best Friends..


Here’s a picture of one of my best friends and fleet commander :) Drawing this really made me  wish I drew more pictures of my close friends outside of the fandom, I need to stop taking you for granted T_T More to come… Also, wannabe NeX clothes here ;)   The winter expansion changes are […]

Continuing the techy theme and being a huge fan of the police ships in EVE I thought I’d try my hand at designing a new one. Ignoring the pod and the no-reference comet, the Federation Navy Meteor is a cruiser class police ship, designed around being useful if the smuggling changes come into effect. Might […]

o/ The CQ screen was pretty perfect for this screen shot :) My baby ishkur on show, exploration active. Welcome to my world. If you want to add me ingame I’m Emiko Luan, I spend a lot of time in Help channel, and some in EVE Radio channel. Newbies welcome, I live to helps.   […]